Welcome to “A Grab for Power”

A developing campaign for the World of Darkness RPG system.

Currently, I am in the process of setting up the story and background elements of the game. It will be some time before I’m ready to accept players.

For general guidelines purposes, I will be using the Vampire: The Requiem core rulebook, along with the World of Darkness core rulebook. Additionally, I will be including the assortment of vampire-related auxiliary books for bloodlines and other WoD extras such as the armory book.

I will not, however, be including Mages, Promethean, Changeling, or Geist.
Hunter and Werewolf books may be included at later stages of the campaign – but not initially.

Characters will be playing fledgling vampires of their own creation (or, potentially, humans – whether they be hunters or blood-fed pets) that have just had the Vampiric underworld revealed to them. They will be set into a small coven of NPC’s in a city that is experiencing a crisis of political power, and their coven’s ultimate goal is to seize the power for themselves. Whether the players decide to join with or against the power-hungry vampire team they begin with is up to them.

There will be a number of side-quests of varying intensity, all tying into one big storyline.

And, again, the possibility of including werewolves or human hunters may become reality as design continues – either as a starting option, or an option for players who’s characters die during the course of the campaign.

A Grab for Power